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The natural beauty in eastern Indonesia is not endless. Starting from the underwater beauty to its shores. One of these is Tanjung Bira beach, located in District Bontobahari, or about 40 kilometers from the District Bulu Kumba, if from Makassar City is 200 kilometers. Tanjung Bira beach has a panoramic view of the beach is so beautiful. With clear water and soft white sands make Tanjung Bira beach visited by many tourists.

Here if you swim, you can see marine life at the bottom of the water such as shells, starfish, small fish and so on. In addition, you can do other activities such as playing soccer, volleyball, diving or snorkeling, can also get around the beach using traditional boats or simply sunbathe on the beach enjoying the sunshine and the cool coastal breezes. You can also watch the sunrise and sunset at the same position, and can enjoy the beauty of the two islands that are in front of this beach, which Liukang Island and Goat Island.

There is some great diving here and unlike many dive locations there are very few divers still. We have a great number of sites, including spectacular coral walls with many passing pelagics, underwater mounds with pumping currents, and a fascinating, calm house reef. Bira is most famous for its great variety of sharks and other pelagic which visit throughout June – November. Visibility is always good, and sometimes peaks up to spectacular 50m+.

Choosing us is the right choice for diving in Tanjung Bira, you will be in oversight Dive site experienced and professional.

Each group consists of divers max four people with the supervision of an instructor or divemaster, depending on the level of certification dives and experience in one of the group, if there is a difference we will break into smaller size, to allow each participant enjoying their dives.

In order for your dive more comfortable, we use a special ship designed to carry divers, the boat captain and staff were certainly professional and ready to help you during and after the dive.

Many asked about the current in Tanjung Bira, here it flows at certain times, but not as strong as else where, we are always careful to choose what is good and safe for diving, with an experienced team in local waters We assure you dive with a comfortable feeling. Like most dive sites, not all dive spots can dive into each diver, we will chose a suitable place according to the level and experience of divers, but everyone can enjoy a dive in Tanjung Bira every day. Safe and comfortable is our first choice for your number and add the supervision of the diver, dive guide carry mobile phones all waterproof and able to communicate with the boat captain on board, so that all sure you're in safe hands.

What You Will See
In the main dive sites we will see each of our reef shark dive. Bira also have turtles in large numbers, bumpheads, tuna, barracuda, giant Travelli, queensland grouper and schools of fish.

When the seawater temperature decreases, usually we can see something interesting, last year we saw hammerhead sharks, thresher sharks, sunfish, tiger sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks and manta

Previous Sharks in Bira is hardly visible, but now they come back packs and increasing every year.

Large Fish
Bira is famous for big fish. Since there are two meetings in the sea there, so the shallow waters make cold currents rising from the depths

The Dive
Bira has many dive sites, all of them can go in a short time

How now? .... Are you want to dive in Tanjung Bira? if you also want to know more details about this? how to get to Tanjung Bira? we can help you to dive in there, we have a dive package very cheap

Package Dive (call me)

  • Pick up from Sultan Hasanuddin airport to Tanjung Bira
  • accommodation A/C room with private bathroom, bed and breakfast
  • every day lunch, hot tea / Coffee 1 x  on the boat or beach, while tour dive
  • Guide Dive master / Instructor
  • Mineral Water while tour dive
  • Flight tickets and airport tax
  • Expenses and personal equipment
  • Dinner
  • lunch while traveling car
Day 1

The morning you will be picked up by our team of Sultan Hasanuddin Airport by car Ac (Avanza, Luxio or others), travel about 6-7 hours to arrive at Tanjung Bira, you will be served a view of the forest and the village, along the way you can asked to stop for photos or lunch, our team are ready to serve your wishes.
we will arrive at Tanjung Bira Lodge in the early afternoon, you can directly chek in and rest.
The afternoon we suggest to reach the beach and watch the Sunset, it is advisable to bring a camera in order to capture specific momment.
Many restaurants there, you can select a restaurant for dinner and continue to sleep in the room.

Day 2
The morning after breakfast we will invite you to the Dive Center for diving preparation, filling out the form is a must, after that we transfer you to the boat ready at the pier. we will do 2 x dives, Surface interval we will invite you to visit the Liukang Island, hot coffee or tea will warm you. and continue the dive, after that you will we transfer back to Tanjung Bira to break.
Many restaurants there, you can select a restaurant for dinner and continue to sleep in the room.

Day 3
after breakfast preparations to check out, we'll take you back to Makassar, previously we transfer you to see where the famous ship building region phinisi there. the info to our team for a spot of lunch, the afternoon you will arrive at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar. and say Good by to my team
Itenerary in addition to this package just add the number of days, certainly with different dive spots.

  • Info to us, time of arrival and departure of your flight
  • select the flight that arrived early morning in Makassar, and returned in the evening
  • a minimum of 20 hours from the last dive was safe to fly
Terms and Conditions 
  1. Make a reservation and down payment (DP) of 50% of the total cost and payment of one day before departure tour and transfer to rek: BRI: 1274-01-0000-225-61. An. Evan Ch. 
  2.  In the event of cancellation from the participants before departure then downpayment can not be refunded. (recommended looking for the replacement) 
  3. In the event of cancellation from the participants when the trip took place or participant cancel your departure, the cost of the package can not be refunded (recommended looking for the replacement) 
  4. All participants must fill out the participation form and follow the direction or notice from the leader at the time of execution of the dive

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